Tool & Die

Tool & Die

Functionality Oriented Design. While once the industry was restricted by limitations like simple cooling solutions by drilling in straight lines, Additive Manufacturing now enables Conformal Cooling Solutions where complex free-form internal channels to provide optimum cooling and tempering solutions. This offers various benefits like minimal war page and reduced cycle time, and hence, results in better quality parts produced in a shorter time.

With no major increase in production costs, complex designs can be easily prepared by using Additive Manufacturing.
Moreover, as the part can be built in a single setup, the time to market reduces considerably, and new designs can reach the market in a much shorter time.


  • Light Weight
  • Reduced Cycle Time
  • Reduced Warpage
  • Improved Performance
  • Conformal cooling
  • Cost effective
  • Reduced time to Market

In the case of tooling inserts, complex forms with integrated cooling channels can easily be designed with higher efficiency thereby increasing the life of the insert. The overall cost of using the technology is much lesser considering the set-up costs, rejection rates, and material usage inefficiency present in conventional methods.

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