AMOptoMet is a Parameter optimization software with the unique features for Additive Industry. We have been recognized by the Wohler’s Report, 2015, as the first service providers of Metal 3D printing in India.


  • Automatic calculation of process parameters
  • Flexibility to create a different set of parameters depend on the layer thickness
  • Individual parameter adjustment and optimization
  • Mechanical properties prediction for standard alloys


  • The software is machine agnostic, uses for any laser bed powder machine
  • Ability to choose different metal powder supplier without much R&D effort
  • Ability to adjust the parameters for different layer thickness as per your build requirements without compromising on the mechanical properties and density of the part
  • The software enables the development of process parameters for new materials within minutes instead of days

Case study of Aluminium (AlSi10Mg)

The image shows a part printed using process parameters calculated by the software, the surface quality achieved is visibly superior without compromising the part quality.

The post-processing efforts are reduced considerably due to the superior surface finish achieved directly from print.

The following parameter achieves Printed – Room Temperature Mechanical Properties.

Properties Horizontal direction (XY) Vertical direction (Z)
Yield Strength 232 ± 4 256 ± 17
Tensile Strength 351 ± 5 376 ± 2
Elongation at Break 4 ± 1 4 ± 1
Modulus of elasticity (GPa)  typ. 70 typ. 70

Periodical Table

The AMOptoMet success story for Aluminium describes in the below table.

When compared with the traditional method, the print takes less time with better quality and gauge a better surface finish. AMOptoMet integrates with machine learning algorithms that expand the material database with each material test and self-adjusts after every print job.

Regular printed material: 10-12 Ra
After shot blasting: 5-6 Ra
Using AMOptoMet: 3-4Ra as printed
>After polishing: 2 Ra

Less Post Processing

Minimal Porosity and Greater Density


  • Porosity – < 0.1%
  • Density – > 99.9%



  • Porosity – < 0.1%
  • Density – > 99.9%

Faster Build Rate
With AMOptoMet calculated machine parameters build rate is increased by more than 50%.


New alloy Development

  • New alloy (Copper alloy)
  • with AMOptoMet parameter 97% density
  • With AMOptoMet the DOE is reduced

Variable Gradient

  • AMOptoMet platform temperature input hep to reduce the residual stresses in part

Without AMOptoMet

With AMOptoMet

Parameter Optimize Software

Key Benefits

  • Development Cycles : 70% shorter Design of Experiments
  • Increased productivity : Machine productivity is increased by over 200%
  • Adaptability : Customize parameters for different layers without affecting mechanical properties.
  • Powder Manufacturers : Choose suppliers without R&D effort
  • Excellent surface finish : reduces post- processing
  • Machine agnostic


AMBuilder is a pre- build design software for laser sintering based additive manufacturing process. AMBuilder with AMOptomet and Intech’s range of Metal 3D printers provides users with an end to end solution for all the additive manufacturing needs. At the same time, AMBuilder could be used for designing build for any of the available laser sintering machines in the market.

AMBuilder is filing up the gap in the space of additive manufacturing where there is a requirement of an application which is easy to use for  beginners at the same time  has advanced features which allow user to get the correct build in first attempt. AMBuilder incorporates Intech’s thousand of hours of experience in additive manufacturing in its algorithms.

AMBuilder is coming up with an easy to understand guided workflow which will lead users to stages like:

  1. Optimising orientation of parts: The software optimizes the orientation of a part based on user specified parameters.
  1. Support Generation: An automatic process detects the critical areas and generates supports automatically based on user’s input selected from wide variety available configurations.
  1. Distortion Analysis: A reliable distortion analysis allows user to detect possible distortion in the parts during manufacturing process. Also it allows user to make appropriate compensation for accurate manufacturing.
  1. Slicing and Path Generation: Based on various parameters the part geometry is divided into layers and tool path is generated which could be fed to the machine for high quality build.
Features: Options:
Automatic support generation with wide range of supports. Pay-per-use
Optimising part orientation for high quality build.  Private Cloud
Complete additive manufacturing solution.  Perpetual licence
Complete additive manufacturing solution.
 Fast distortion simulation.
Fast distortion simulation.


Optimize orientation

Support generation


Path generation

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