Preferred Partner in Metal 3D Printing

Low Mass Production solutions

From conception to production, we are a global additive industry end-to-end solution provider for Low Mass Production.

Design for Additive Manufacturing

DfAM includes optimization of design which not only has complex shapes but also engineering stability, making the components lightweight and strong.

Software solutions

Innovative software solutions to maximize productivity, reduce time to market and for achieving competitive cost-per-part.

Right Material Selection with Development and Validation

We help customers develop alloys according to the requirements and ensure complete testing validation.

Post Processing and Heat Treatment

Heat treatment facility, machining center, CT scanning, and quality inspection systems complete our concept for serial production. Our expert knowledge and tie up with surface finishing specialists makes us a leader in providing excellent solutions in metal AM.

Optimized Process Chain

Stabilized processes and production lines to produce high-performance parts.

Mass Customization

On-demand production with various parts of different dimensions and designs at one go.

Low Mass Production cycle

Beyond  Prototyping – Towards Low Mass Production

Machine Island for Serial Production

  • Optimized structure for faster production: Island of multiple machine centers to print serial batches at one go.
  • Selected Machines: Bigger, faster and AI enabled machines that require minimal post-processing comparatively.

Achieve First Time Right Part with consistent quality at competitive cost per part
Based on three decades of manufacturing, metallurgical and innovative product development expertise we have  formulated End to End solutions for AM technology to move to Low Mass Production solutions.

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