iFusion LF

The iFusion LF is a high-performance large format laser Metal 3D printer indigenously designed, developed, and manufactured by Intech Additive Solutions. The printer is combined with extensive features designed for the Industrial use of Metal additive Manufacturing.

It is designed for industrial applications offers a large build volume of 450mm x 450mm x 450mm combined with lasers for higher productivity. The iFusion LF comes with laser integration from 500W laser and up-gradable to 700W and 1000W. It is specifically designed to meet the industry need from single laser to quad laser.

The iFusion LF will mainly address the key production process with its robustness to meet the specific industry requirements. The system is powered with automation on powder handling, part removal, and powder sieving to ensure efficient output.

The iFusion LF is designed to achieve the competitive MHR with optimized cost per part(CPP), targeting to match the traditional manufacturing processes.

Intech has created a 3D printing ecosystem that includes machines, the software for build processing, software for parameter optimization, all packaged together for affordability and low cost of operations. The iFusion LF can work with a wide variety of materials and metal alloys like Aluminium, Inconel, Stainless Steel, Maraging Steel, Cobalt Chrome, Titanium, and other metal alloys. With a build volume of 450mm, iFusion LF is the best metal 3D printer for any industry.

Key features

  • High build rate for cost-effective manufacturing
    The LF1 has a powerful single laser 500W / 700W / 1000W options, which means you can build with a higher layer thickness, greater throughput, and work with a wider range of alloys.
  • Truly Customizable Parameters on the fly
    Optional software AMOptoMet provides the optimum print parameters for the part – be it print speed, part density, or surface finish, besides creating parameters for new materials on the fly to “Get it right the first time”.
  • Highest in Class Build Size
    With a highest-in-class build size of 450mmX450mmX450mm, more parts can be nested and stacked in a single run, increasing productivity, and reducing your per part cost.
  • Easy to Print with a wide range of materials
    Established Parameters for Aluminium, Cobalt Chrome, Stainless steel, Maraging steel, Titanium, and Inconel alloys are available. Additional parameters can be made available on request.
  • Integrated Software for Build Preparation
    Intech’s own AMBuilder build preparation software which is integrated with the system takes full advantage of the LF1 hardware capabilities. It provides auto orientation, distortion control, and intelligent support selection.
  • Value for Money
    The LF1 is ‘Made in India” and can be bought in rupees avoiding additional customs, freight and insurance costs. Prompt support is provided by trained Intech engineers with locally available spares.


Aerospace Industry Additive manufacturing enables the production of parts which are of lower weight, complex geometric designs, while meeting the same strength requirements as parts manufactured by conventional means. In the Aerospace sector, additive manufacturing is often used for producing light weight, strong aerospace parts like fuel nozzles and turbine blades.


Automotive Industry The automotive industry combines additive manufacturing and simulation to create prototypes that can be tested for form, fit and performance. This results in lower initial investment, shortens the development phase of the product life cycle, and enables a faster time-to-market for new models. Parts like intake manifold, fuel pumps, flow control valves, lamp parts, and mirror moulds are developed using additive manufacturing.

Tool and Die Functionality Oriented Design. While once the industry was restricted by limitations like simple cooling solutions by drilling in straight lines, Additive Manufacturing now enables Conformal Cooling Solutions where complex free-form internal channels to provide optimum cooling and tempering solutions. This offers various benefits like minimal war page and reduced cycle time, and hence, results in better quality parts produced in a shorter time.

General Engineering Additive Manufacturing provides industrial companies with completely new solutions for realizing tool-less production methods. The technology gives designers maximum freedom of design. Providing material only where it is needed for mechanical strength or functionality, this solution can also manufacture lightweight parts with highly complex geometries. Equipped with tools to transform design based on functionality, Additive Manufacturing has already set on the path to transform the entire General Engineering Industry.

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