AMOptoMet is a parameter optimization software that provides the right process parameters to achieve better surface finish and desirable mechanical properties in metal 3D printed parts. It helps in printing parts “Right First time” and reduces the time taken for the Design of Experiments (DOE) when developing parameters to print new materials.


  • Automatic calculation of process parameters.
  • Individual parameter adjustment and optimization.
  • Calculation of predicted mechanical properties.
  • Measured part properties are fed back to the software material database for improved parameter prediction.
  • Helps process parameter development for any alloy composition. Material components may be selected from the periodic table.
  • Flexibility to create different sets of parameters for varying layer thickness.
  • Ability to connect with machines to automate the parameter setting process.


  • The software is machine agnostic and can be used with any laser powder bed powder fusion machine.
  • Ability to choose between different metal powder suppliers without much R & D effort.
  • Ability to adjust the parameters for different layer thicknesses, without compromising on the mechanical properties and density of the part.
  • Enables development of process parameters for new materials within minutes instead of days.

Key Benefits

  • A 50% to 100% increase in Machine Productivity.
  • A 70% shorter cycle time for the Design of Experiments.
  • Excellent surface finish, reducing post-processing costs by over 30%.
  • Enables the re-use of powder without loss in part quality.

Module Features

Surface Roughness Module – Gives the right contour parameters to achieve the desired surface roughness for the part.

Image Analysis Module – Predicts the porosity and density of the printed part using etched microstructure images.

Material Definition Module

  • A database of the powders available with various suppliers can be created in AMOptoMet.
  • Optimum parameters can be predicted based on the powder properties for each supplier.

Max Power Module – Delivers a 50% increase in build rates while maintaining consistent part quality

  • Gives the best exposure strategies using the maximum laser power and adjusting the scan speed as well as hatch spacing.
  • Enables optimum utilization of the machine capabilities.

Variable Gradient Module

Predicts the temperature profile of the build platform for best part quality.

Without AMOptoMet

With AMOptoMet

  • Reduces residual stresses in the component due to the active control of the build platform temperature for constant conditions at the process level.
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