AMBuilder is a pre- build design software for use in a laser sintering based additive manufacturing process. AMBuilder with AMOptoMet and Intech’s range of Metal 3D printers provides users with an end-to-end solution for all their metal additive manufacturing needs.

AMBuilder fills the gap in the additive manufacturing space, where there is a need for an application which is easy to use for beginners, while at the same time has advanced features which allow users to get the right print in the first attempt. AMBuilder incorporates all of Intech’s vast expertise in metal 3D printing, in its algorithms.

AMBuilder is coming up with an easy-to-understand guided workflow which will lead users through the stages of build preparation like:

  1. Optimizing the Orientation of Parts: The software optimizes the orientation of a part based on user-specified parameters.
  1. Support Generation: An automatic process detects the critical areas and automatically generates supports for them based on user-selected support types.
  1. Distortion Analysis: A reliable distortion analysis model allows users to detect possible distortion in the parts during the printing process. This enables appropriate compensation to be made for accurate manufacturing.
  1. Slicing and Path Generation: Based on various parameters, the part geometry is divided into layers and the tool path is generated – which is then fed to the machine for a high-quality build.
Features Options
Automatic support generation with wide range of supports Pay-per-use
Optimizing part orientation for high quality build Private Cloud
Complete additive manufacturing solution Perpetual licence
Fast distortion simulation Available in the Advanced Version


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