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Rapid changes in technologies such as Additive Manufacturing (AM) and increase in customer preferences have led to short product development lifecycles. Traditional subtractive manufacturing though good for mass production, however is not able to cope with some of the  demands  of a fast changing world.  Digital transformation of manufacturing through Additive manufacturing is redefining the way things are designed and manufactured and allows creation of lighter & more complex designs.

Intech Additive Solutions – a pioneer in additive manufacturing services since 2012 is recognised by ‘Wohler Report-2015’ as being one of the first service providers of 3D Metal printing in India. The management with over 3 decades of rich experience in metallurgy and component machining backed by a strong team of diversified professionals in Design, Software, Analysis, Machining & Quality control provides end to end services in AM. With a rich expertise in providing complex solutions for 3D printing of Aerospace, Automotive, General Engineering, Medical and Tool & Die parts, Intech Additive Solutions produced India’s first Metal 3D printed Micro Jet Engine ‘MJE20’ in 2017.

Intech Additive Solutions’ IFusion SFI is India’s first indigenously designed and developed Metal 3D Printer is integrated with inhouse developed Build ‘Build process software – AMBuilder’ & ‘AMOptomet – parameter optimising software’.

Intech is the only OEM to provide its own software with its Additive Manufacturing equipment. The two software packages along with Intech’s range of Metal 3D printers provides users with an end-to-end solution for all the additive manufacturing needs.

Intech is revolutionising AM by providing a complete eco-system right from  concept design, material selection to  printing , post processing  and testing of  metal parts, thereby  accelerating the adoption of Metal  3D printing in Manufacturing

Intech has always been supportive and understands its customer’s needs. Print farms are being setup for our customers to experience the benefit of AM.

Recognising the strength of Intech, German/Japanese Machine tool major ‘DMG Mori’ has invested in the company and is on the advisory board.

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