The automotive industry is faced with a growing need of small-scale production. Rapidly changing design, customer specific solutions and quickly changing environmental laws, all demand the need of short production runs. Additive Manufacturing provides the perfect solution to this changing demand. With capabilities like ease in adapting New Design, Complex Design capabilities with Light Weighting and Topology Optimization, which help in constantly improving fuel efficiency, Additive Manufacturing looks poised to take the lead in manufacturing for the Automotive Industry.

Rapid Prototyping is integral to Automotive R&D. It helps the Designers to quickly develop new parts and validate the products. Early detection of errors, followed by their quick rectification, allows for speeding up the process of R&D. Moreover, it allows manufacturing of multiple designs of the same part simultaneously to test them parallely, and hence, reduce the time to market from concept design to fully functional parts.


  • Quick Validation
  • Increased Fuel Efficiency
  • Reduced time to Market
  • On demand Manufacturing
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